Sunday, June 3, 2012

Implications for Future Work

As this school year begins to come to an end, and I reflect on my action research, I am grateful that I have had this opportunity.  I think that after coming together for the past eight months, the JBA math team is stronger, and I know that I for one have a deeper appreciation for the subject that I once hated.  Because of our work together, my Principal has signed me and the 7th grade math teacher up for a three-day professional development on becoming a learning team leader through Teaching Matters.  She picked us with the idea that she and I will facilitate PLCs with the Math and ELA departments at our school next year.  We had our first training this past Thursday where we learned about team building, norms, and protocols (I was proud, being a Bank Street-er, I was already familiar with norms and protocols).  I am not sure if this opportunity would have necessarily happened had I not done this action research this year, but I am very excited and looking forward to seeing where this training takes not only myself, but the JBA math team next year.


  1. It is wonderful that you have been recognized for your motivation and leadership skills. Your work with your colleagues this year was impressive. I think you will be an inspirational leader. It is amazing how much we have all learned through our time at Bank Street so far - protocols and all. Congratulations.

  2. Anna, this is quite wonderful—I’m so pleased that the work you’ve done at Bank Street, in addition to your action research, will support you as you move into a leadership role in your school. You must be so excited to be seen as the natural choice to pursue this opportunity with your ELA colleague. Please make sure you keep us posted on how this training influences your work.

    You’ve done a superb job blogging and your action research has been a tremendous success, yes?