Thursday, March 15, 2012

Six Keys to Successful Collaboration By Braden Welborn

Got this article in an email today and thought it brought up some interesting points on teacher collaboration.  The two points that resonated with me the most were clarity of purpose and individual commitment.  I feel with our math team meetings after school, I am lucky that the 6th and 7th grade math teachers are just as invested in working together to improve student achievement and our practice.  I think the article sums it up best at the end when it says "There's no magic formula for successful collaboration.  But this dialogue demonstrates that teacher's know a great deal about what works - and what doesn't work."

What I am learning about collaboration?
What a great way to empower teachers with that last statement!

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  1. Hi Anna.

    Great article--short, sweet, and purposeful. Time, of course, is a given. Clarity of purpose has been created through your action research, and
    you've created the freedom to explore for you and your colleagues. I believe we learn to collaborate and communicate by simply doing it. And while I think it makes everything more pleasant when we have supportive administrators, it's not essential. We don't have to ask permission to collaborate with our colleagues, do we?