Monday, November 14, 2011

Setting up Meeting #2

I sent out an email earlier this afternoon, asking our JBA math team when the next availble date to meet that works for everyone is.  Because of PDs and Thanksgiving, I suggested Monday, November 21st or Wednesday the 30th, but opened it up to the group.  Within an hour, the AP, ICT teacher, and 6th grade teacher got back to me!  This was encouraging!

It looks like we may have a Faculty meeting on Monday the 21st, so I asked the AP if we could possibly have that time to meet and I am waiting to hear back from her.  If not, it looks like Wednesday the 30th will be our 2nd meeting.  I have already revised the agenda on Google Docs slightly to reflect this.

What am I learning about collaboration?
The feeling that I get from my colleagues is that they do want to meet and want to collaborate, but that isn't always easy.  We all take our job and responsibilities very seriously and teaching comes first.  I completely agree, and hope that future meetings can tie into what we are teaching.  Again, I want these meetings to be practical and as useful for my colleagues and I as possible.


  1. I think it’s encouraging that people get back to you—it means they really do want this to happen. Invite them to do a math problem together for the next meeting. That’s it. Just a math problem. (I know. I sound like a broken record.) And then set it up the way they’re set up in Integrated: a rich problem, working together, posting processes, and then sharing thinking. What do you think?

  2. I am running into the same problem. I know the teachers in my PLC are very interested they are just overwhelmed with all their responsibilities. I have had 2 teachers drop out because they are just so busy doing their everyday work. It's making me think that what we do has to be more connected to exactly what they are doing in the class. Are the problems you want to do with your colleagues problems that directly fit with a unit you are all are working on? Can you take what you learn together and apply it!